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Welcome to ARKetplace

Think of ARK Furniture's ARKetplace as your digital consignment store – but with a twist. We list quality vintage and antique furniture with the unique feature of refreshing, refinishing or restoring them. If you have a piece that radiates vintage charm or antique elegance, we invite you to showcase it on our ARKetplace.

So Why Should You List Here Instead of Facebook Marketplace? 

You don't have to deal with anyone.

Are you tired of posting on Facebook Marketplace and having to answer endless "Is this available?" messages?

Are you annoyed by non-responsive no-shows?

How about those low-ballers who try to guilt you into selling (or giving) them something for ridiculous prices because their aunt's friend's husband's dog is lactose intolerant?

Well, on ARKetplace you don't have to deal with any of that. After your piece has been approved there is nothing more you need to do. ARK handles all the communication for you with the customer, ARK picks the piece up from you once it has been purchased and ARK pays you cash or e-transfer directly upon pick-up.

No more hassle for you. 

How It Works:

  1. Submit Details: Fill out the form below, providing comprehensive details about your furniture piece, including up to 3 pictures.
  2. Review & Confirmation: After submission, your listing undergoes a review. Await a confirmation once it's either approved or declined.
  3. Live on ARKetplace: Once approved, your piece gets listed on our online store as an available product.
  4. Options for Customers: Customers have the choice to purchase your furniture refreshed or opt for it refinished or restored.
  5. Get Paid: Once the customer purchases the piece we will reach out to you to organize pick up. We pay you cash or e-transfer directly on pickup.


- Complete all mandatory fields in the form.
- Photos should be clear, emphasizing the furniture's fine craftsmanship and details.
- Use an allowed format for photos (e.g., JPG, PNG).
- We prioritize vintage and antique pieces that are of high quality. Modern items or those with extensive damages might not meet our criteria.


By partnering with ARK Furniture, you're doing more than just listing an item. You're presenting it to a community that cherishes quality and craftsmanship. Each piece, whether sold refreshed or after undergoing our meticulous refinishing or restoration, finds a home where it's truly appreciated.

Thank you for considering ARKetplace Consignment Store for your listing. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, our dedicated team is at your service.

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