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Refreshed 3-seat Sofa salon - semi classic

Original price $2,750.00 - Original price $2,750.00
Original price
$2,750.00 - $2,750.00
Current price $2,750.00

3-seat Sofa salon with cushions, semi classic, hand made and hand carved - mint condition, as New. Made of Beechwood, very durable and excellent quality. Very rare to find such excellent quality wood and material. No need for refreshing or restoring.

Dimensions: 0" L x 0" D x 0" H

Estimated Refinished Price: 3575.00
Estimated Restored Price: 3825.00

Depending on exactly how you would like to alter your piece the price can vary, but these prices are here to give you an estimate. Click on "Request a Quote" and let us know how you'd like it refinished to get a more detailed quote or schedule a call with our designer to discuss.

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